Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Raw Week (it's a long one!)

So as you know, I don't do well with soy, wheat/gluten & yeast. This is a huge problem for me as I absolutely love breads, muffins, all the bake goods I bake for my wonderful husband. I have lately been finding myself still eating a couple bites... knowing the stomach discomfort to come... and eating it anyway.. because I'm craving it like mad. I've also been eating loads of gummy candy. Lots of high fructose blech and refined white sugars. I'm all for eating sweets. I think eating something decadently delicious is part of the joy and beauty of life. But... the thing is..  not all sweets treat the body the same!

I have 5 raw-vegan books. 5! and a dehydrator, a juicer, a processor and a blender. What more do you need to successfully prepare a well balanced raw diet? Nothing! Except motivation, want and commitment.

Yesterday I ate raw the entire day, and by evening, was still bouncing with energy and filled the wonderful euphoric "high" that comes with eating three meals that are easily digestible and extra nutritious. At dinner, I told Joe I was deciding to commit to eating raw meals for the week to allow my stomach a break for all of the torment I've been putting it through. Oh yeah, and also for my mood. I don't recommend going raw to everybody, because it may not work for some people. I can only speak for my self that I personally know that I physically & mentally feel better when I am eating nutritious foods that at the same time allow my body work efficiently and to it's fullest potential.

Both yesterday morning & today I've started with a super easy juice.

What makes it so super easy?
These are the ingredients:

Run 2 oranges, 3 stalks of celery and 3 big carrots through juicer.


A few hours later I've been having my protein shake or a protein pudding. I will post about these soon. Smoothie jam-packed with protein, superfoods and lots of other nutrients.

Lunches always tend to be lighter with me. Lighter tends to mean a salad... but my salads usually tend to be loaded. Especially these days.Yesterday I had a salad with dark greens, tomatos, avocado, cucumbers, almonds & a self made soy free vegan dressing. Today I had some raw spring rolls. The rice paper I use is probably more than likely not raw... but everything inside it is. (I'm aiming for a 'high raw' diet this week, meaning I'm aiming for 90% raw).

Then dinner... oh how I love to prepare my raw dinners! And must not forget about dessert!
I love dessert :)
Especially a raw dessert!

Here is yesterday's dinner:

That is a raw portabella steak, sliced, raw potato salad & a real salad.

Super yummy. I loved this. The 'potato' is actually jicama! It was really good!!

Joe even ate some and enjoyed it!

Served with a mini Philly Cheese'Steak' of course ;)

Soon after, ready for some dessert.... Raw Vegan Soft Serve w/blueberries!

 I absolutely love raw vegan soft serve.

Plus, it's pretty awesome that it is SUPER easy and SUPER cheap to make! Throw some frozen bananas with some almond milk & agave nectar in a blender and eat! :)

For those of you who are unsure what exactly eating "raw" is and why anyone would choose to do it, the concept of it all is that when  you cook foods, you destroy the natural enzymes in the foods that enable your body to digest the foods efficiently, as well as decrease the nutritional value of the foods. Raw foodists have different beliefs as to what degree you can cook the foods, but I personally think that while making the intention to eat a high raw diet (80-95%), I choose not to cook the foods any higher than 115 degrees (118 if it is a product that I am buying, such as raw blue agave nectar or raw cacao powder).

If you ever do decide to embark onto the raw food experience, my only warning is to ease your way into it. If you have been making poor eating choices for your whole life, you will notice your body goes through a "detox" phase. This can range from breaking out into pimples, having extra stinky sweat and even some uncomfortable stomach issues. Though these are uncomfortable, they are NOT bad things. This is your body purging the toxins from your body. It will go away. It certainly pays off once you get through the phase as well. Once your body stops using so much energy to break down and digest your foods, your mood lifts almost instantly, along with your energy levels, motivation and overall, you feel so much better with an amazing appreciation for life and the wonderful foods you are feeding your body. Our bodies are such amazing machines that allow us to do so many things. They are the vessel which carries our soul. I chose to believe we should respect it, and treat it well. In turn, it will thank us.

Nowwww :) Today's dinner and FREAKING DELICIOUS dessert!

Raw Sprouted Quinoa Tabbouleh! and of course, a salad. :) This was so good, ended up eating another bowl at 9:00 haha :) I threw some sliced green olives in for a hidden surprise.

For Joe I made some vegan soft tacos w/spanish quinoa. He then plopped dollops of sour cream, salsa & avocados :) nothin wrong with that, right?


dunnn Duunnnn DUUUUUNNNNN...
Macaroon Crusted Lemon Cream Tart

This process actually took over 24 hours (maybe 30) to put together, dehydration and freezing included. I made 4 tarts. Was it worth it?

Heck yes.

Did I eat a whole tart?


And I loved every bite of it ;)

Tomorrow I'm making a Thai salad with Creamy Thai Vinaigrette.. so .. stay tuned! :)

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