Friday, March 18, 2011

I've Come To The Conclusion..

That I'd rather eat at home than out in a restaurant.
At home, I know that I can eat more than just a salad. And if I do eat just a salad, it cost me $1.50 to make vs $10-12.00 of dissapointment.
Plus, my food just tastes better.

I've also come to the conclusion that I love eating raw. My skin is already seeing a difference. So I'm going to continue to chose a high raw lifestyle. If I am going out for a meal (which from now on will probably rarely happen) I can certainly choose to eat something cooked, and if I am craving something warm, I'm going to eat something warm... but this week has opened my eyes to the beauty of creating delicious raw dishes. I'm so excited to try more things next week. Starting with raw pancakes tomorrow morning! :) Mmmm.

Here are today's dishes...
Popped 4 carrots and about 2 cups of grapes (half seeded, half unseeded) through the juicer.


I love fresh juiced. I've actually started craving it in the morning.

Just a bit later, I made some green pudding :)

Green pudding + Desperate Housewives = Very peaceful!

At lunchtime I made some raw spring rolls and drizzled them with a bit of Coconut Aminos. These have spinach, cucumber, olives, tomato & avocados. I love avocados lately!

For dinner I made the Spicy Thai dressing.... with a Thai inspired salad...

Dark greens, sundried tomatos, sliced pineapple, sliced cucumber & sliced avocado.

This was SO delicious! The sweet of the pineapple + the spicy of the Thai Dressing was a delicious combo! Secret? there are cashews in that dressing! Cashews are the most versatile nut ever! They can be used in almost anything! From dressings to cheese's to whipped cream! They are my favorite!

I ended up eating this dinner at about 3:30pm, so of course at about 7, I was ready for something more... and.. since I LOVED the dressing and all...

Yep, delicious :)

Today I also tested out my doughnut pan for the first time... Here's what happened:

No holes!!!!
Haha. Too much batter in the pans I suppose.. so I tried again with the remaining batter:

Got it ;)


Planning on posting a couple recipes & pics of my raw pancakes tomorrow!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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