Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Juicing, Baking & Fun Ideas.. in My New House!!

Well, we still don't have internet up, but we are finally moved into our house!!! We're still waiting on a few items, but it will soon be a home and I cannot wait!!! I'm working on my yoga room these days, and waiting on the rest of my couch to get here! I just bought a new bookshelf to give my (thousands of) books a home. That is my project for tonight after dinner..... and when my husband is home to help me!

I mentioned I don't have internet yet... so what do I do? Get tea and chill out at Barnes & Nobles for a couple hours, hahaha.

I've got some pretty fantastically exciting news as well! My dehydrator will be here on Friday! :-D that means lots of raw vegan foods to come to my blog!!! I can't wait!

Where to start for today......

Hmm.... How 'bout breakfast!

I've been going juicer-mad the past few days. I've figured out my system with my juicer, and it doesn't even make that big of a mess/isn't that much of a bother to use. Very excited. The first time I ever used it, I was wearing half of my juice. It was awful!

Carrot Apple Orange Ginger Juice!
-1 large orange
-5 med sized carrots, chopped
-1 apple, chopped
-1 inch sized nub of ginger (peeled)
Run all ingredients through the juicer and..

Delicious! Best juice I've made myself yet!

Carrots are delicious in juice, it's always been my favorite kind of juice (I've never been a juice drinker before my juicer, but I still would buy the Odawala carrot juices and loved them)

This juice is packed with nutrients. Carrots provide Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B1 & B6, not to mention the Calcium, Potassium & Magnesium! Lot's of good feel good things to keep that wonderful body of yours happy!

I promised Joe that I would make him his favorite muffins. These are SO DELICIOUS, they are VEGAN, NO BUTTER/OIL or milk! AND there is only half a cup of sugar in them. Very healthy and seriously moist and delicious. The original recipe is actually from
But I've changed it a tad bit. I don't use orange zest & I use dried Cranberries... Actually.. I use the naturally flavored Orange Cranberries from Trader Joes (These are DELICIOUS!)

Basically, it's super easy. Combine the wet ingredients in a bowl. Combine the dry ingredients into another bowl. Combine, add to your muffin tins and bake at 350 degrees. The original recipe says 15-25 minutes... I usually find they are done within 15 minutes.

I actually shouldn't have these due to the wheat flour.. but honestly, I can't help myself and I ate one. What's a little tummy ache when you get to taste something fluffy and heavenly? (Just kidding. I do not recommend making bad decisions like this haha. Gotta try them with buckwheat flour so I can make them for myself! )

After my wild and crazy baking, it was safe to say I was ready for lunch so I made a monster & veggie wraps.

These are some of the easiest wraps to make. Sliced cucumber + sliced avocado + shreded carrot + sprouts wrapped up in a rice paper wrap.

My monster:

This one consisted of a handful of Spinach, half a Banana, about 3/4 cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk and 2 Tablespoons of raw cacao nibs (I've missed using these recently)

Doesn't it look yummy!!

It WAS! and when I was done..... BAM!

I got a new idea!!!

Mint Chocolate Chip Green Monster????????
Why yes.

I must!


I must!

I will :)


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