Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Night Sunflower Valentine Brownies (Whew)

I've spent far too much of the day playing Angry Birds on my husbands phone. I'm not sure why.. but I kinda kick butt at it ;)

I had to stop, so I decided to make my blog for today! Wheeeeee...

I must post pictures of my yummy snacks today. They were interesting, yummy and fun.

Home made popcorn! (no butter/packaged high fructose garbage yuck-corn) Instead I put salt, pepper & chili powder on it.
Kale Chips. Salty Kale Chips. Which would have otherwise been very yummy. Oops.

Raw Sunflower-Almond Brownies.

I've previously made these as Walnut-Almond Brownies.. recipe below..

But, I had ground up sunflower seeds I needed to use up. So it's basically the same recipe, except the sunflower seeds over walnuts.

Soak your half cup of dates for 5 minutes. While you're doing that.. mix up your ground nuts and cacao powder.

Once you're dates are soaked & soft, process with agave nectar & vanilla to make a date paste... then mix.

Now you need to blend everything to fully incorporate the ingredients. I find this is easiest using my hands. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty! That's part of the fun of it all.

Once everything comes together, you will notice it makes a big ball of "dough."
Go wash your hands off, and then re-wet them a tiny bit. You need to form the "dough" into squares or balls, and it is easiest if your hands are a bit wet. It keeps the "dough" from getting too sticky.

I'm weird and like the sweet/salty chocolate thing, so I sprinkled some Himilayan Salt on top of a couple.

And for Valentines Day of course :)

I also wanted to post my Asian Salad I made today for lunch. Really yummy. If your local sushi restaurant serves the Cucumber/Octopus Salad before your sushi and you like that, you will love this :)

Peel a cucumber....
Then peel/cut it into "noodles" like so...

Like how it matches my multi colored toes? Ah well, I liked it.

Soak up some wakame. (I buy this at the Asian store, MUCH cheaper for a huge bag there vs Whole Foods. Wakame and most sea veggies have a lot of nutrients. Never hurts to throw it into your salads.)

In a bowl, mix up about 1/4 cup of rice vinegar with 2 spoons of sugar, sesame seeds & a pinch of salt.
Pour this into the bowl with your cucumber & wakame and let it sit in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.

Take it out of the fridge and plop it onto your plate :)


Tomorrow morning, I PROMISE I am finally posting the Green Monster blog! I am going to leave my camera by my protein powder so I don't forget. I keep forgetting!

Now.. time to go interrupt my husbands game of Angry Birds.

It's sickly addicting.

Don't try it.


  1. LOVE all the food pics, looks like a yummy snack day! Oh and I love the mix of color on your toes, totally cute!